At AMC, we pride ourselves in making our residents feel at home. But we don’t just want our apartments to feel like home: We want our state—with its majestic beaches and serene parks—to feel like home. Our annual beach and park cleanup is just one way we’ve worked to ensure our beautiful state stays beautiful.

With COVID-19, this year’s cleanup will look different. But that doesn’t mean we can’t gather in spirit to beautify our home. Join us for our beach and park cleanup in Ontario on July 25. Here is how a beach and park cleanup benefits everyone, how to prepare, and how to stay safe.

A Beach and Park Cleanup Is Good for Everyone

Not only can you protect local wildlife and your fellow citizens by picking up harmful debris, but clean beaches and parks boost local economies. The Marine Debris Program reports that “Reducing marine debris even by 25 percent at beaches in and near Orange County could benefit residents roughly $32 million during three months in the summer.”

If you’ve been struggling with the monotony of quarantine, a beach and park cleanup is perfect for lifting your mood. In one study, researchers found that beach activities improve the moods of participants, while beach cleanups have the added benefit of “higher marine awareness.” Not only do you feel better after a cleanup, but you become a more conscientious member of society as well.

A Good Beach and Park Cleanup Takes Preparation

No matter how eager you are to get to work, take some time to prepare for your cleanup. Make sure you have enough water and sunscreen to last you your time in the sun, and pack the following supplies:

  • Gloves
  • Trash bags for normal waste
  • Paper bags for yard waste and recyclables
  • Brooms, dustpans, and buckets for cigarette butts and glass
  • First aid kit

A Safe Time Is a Good Time

California is ramping up its response to COVID-19, so do your part to comply with CDC guidelines. Limit your group to those you live with. Otherwise, “When guests arrive, minimize gestures that promote close contact. For example, don’t shake hands, do elbow bumps, or give hugs. Instead wave and verbally greet them.” And keep your mask on when social distancing isn’t practical.

Our beaches and parks add so much to the natural beauty of our state. Let’s ensure they stay that way. Join us for our beach and park cleanup on July 25, or anytime during the month of July! Tag West Fifth in your photos and use the hashtags #AMCcleanup and #livehappy so we can see what you’ve done. We can’t wait!