Since the beginning of COVID-19, parenting has become a multifaceted job. You are a protector, caregiver, chef, entertainer, physician, and now, a teacher. With the new school year starting, your stress levels may be rising, and it may be hard to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy your time with your family. If you want to end the summer with a bang and welcome the new school year with an activity that you and your kids will enjoy, may we suggest hosting a movie night?

We know what you are thinking: My kids already watch too much Netflix, too much TV, and too much Youtube. This is why we want to help you plan a unique and memorable movie night that is different than anything your family is used to. Follow these tips and get ready to host the best kids movie night of your life. 

Involve Your Kids

Involve your kids in every step of the evening. This means allowing them to help choose the movie, pick out the delicious treats, and everything in between. Consider letting your children take turns. If one child chooses the film, let another child select the refreshments. This will ensure your kids movie night is just that: all about the kids! 

Set the Environment

One of the most loved parts of a movie theater is the environment: comfy chairs, a big screen, and a dark room. If you are able to get your hands on a project, consider setting one up to evoke the feeling of a classic drive-in or Regal Edwards Ontario Mountain Village Theater. If not, hanging blackout curtains and stringing fairy lights throughout the room is an effective way to set the night apart. For more ideas, check out Tip Junkie.

Prepare Fun Snacks

Buying sweets is always an option. There is Heavenly Nuts and Sweets down the street. If you want to put a spin on the night, consider getting your kids together and cooking up some fun treats. Upscale your popcorn, whip up these homemade gooey Rice Krispie Treats, or have an ice cream party. The options are limitless!

Dress Up

Movie night can be as formal or informal as you want it. Consider going all out with Hollywood premier attire (ties, dresses, and anything else that seems “fancy” enough to your kids), or make the night low key by wearing your comfiest pajamas. As long as your kids are happy, there’s no wrong answer.

Rather than queue up Netflix and hit “Continue Watching,” why not host a kids movie night with your family? Allow your kids to help with the planning, build the right atmosphere, have fun snacks, and dress up in the way you and your family want. The night will be memorable, and your kids will love you for it!