Who doesn’t love a delicious, nutritious smoothie? With the right ingredients, a smoothie can do wonders for your body, like fortifying your immunity, filling you with antioxidants, strengthening your bones, fortifying your skin, and even helping you lose weight. In honor of smoothies, let’s look at three ways to celebrate National Smoothie Day without making a run to your local Jamba.


Build Your Own Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl is perfect for those with a bit of artistic flair. Though you can find plenty of recipes with their own unique ingredients, all smoothie bowls have the same basic setup: You start by blending some whole foods (like frozen fruits or vegetables), taking care not to blend too thoroughly. You’ll then combine that mixture with some yogurt, almond milk, or—for those who like it really thick—both. Pour your smoothie into a bowl and add the topping of your choice. We’d suggest fruit (preferably not what you’ve already blended), chia seeds, granola, shredded coconut, nuts, or hemp seeds. Whatever you choose, this is your chance to beautify!


Freeze Some Smoothie Popsicles

Anyone can drink their smoothie through a straw—only the adventurous can eat theirs on a stick! Fruit smoothie popsicles are a fantastic spin that’s perfect for summer weather. Best of all, they’re easy to create. All you’ll need is a mold to pour your smoothie into—and some patience. Once you’ve poured your pops, place them in the freezer and give them time. If you’re celebrating with children, they’re sure to love the presentation and the memories that come from making, waiting, and enjoying.


Take the Party Outside

In Ontario, we’re blessed to have perfect weather year-round! Why not enjoy your smoothies outside? With the shelter-in-place orders, we could all stand to take some time outside. Take your smoothies, bowls, or pops for a walk around the neighborhood, or enjoy the courtyards here at West Fifth—while observing social distancing, of course.


With things going the way they are, we could all use more excuses to celebrate. National Smoothie Day is a chance to have some fun in small, simple ways. Whether you make a smoothie bowl, enjoy some smoothie pops, or just take the time to enjoy some fresh air, it’ll be just the break you’ve needed.