It’s understandable to be disappointed by the sudden global upheavals that are putting a damper on spring break. But worry not: here are some guidelines on how to bring the good times home while you wait out the storm:

Soak up some sun.

Obviously, if it’s too cold for bathing suits, stay inside. But, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a more temperate climate at home, swap your poolside plans for porchside relaxation. Turn off your phone, take a break from the news, and catch some rays. Tans aren’t exclusive to the Caribbean.

Visit the museum.

Most museums have been ordered to follow government mandates and shut their doors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what they have to offer. Many museums have opened up virtual tours on their websites, so take a look and enjoy some culture from the safety of home.

Crowd surfing? Try couch surfing!

Museums aren’t the only ones adapting their business model to the times. With the cancellation of countless concerts and world tours, many artists are still serenading fans stuck at home. From the more formal symphonic affairs to the latest pop artists topping the charts, you can enjoy some of your favorite performers from the comfort of your living room.

Think of the children.

For you parents out there, you were probably counting on a road trip, beach vacation, or activity camp to keep your little ones active and relatively screen-free during Spring Break. But let this dreary necessity give birth to some fun innovation:

  • Create a backyard obstacle course. Or, for the really ambitious parents, create your own amusement ride at home.
  • Make a pillow fort (always a classic) and cozy up for a family movie night.
  • Start a craft camp, complete with all the supplies you’d expect from a summer camp. Kids love lanyards, right?

As we all practice safe social distancing and wait out the pandemic, life doesn’t have to come to a complete stop. If museums and concert venues can adapt to this new reality, surely you can make the most out of your Spring Break experience. Have fun and stay safe!